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Who we are


Forwarding, selling, and logistics have been our forte since 2012. Associated with eBay businesses in the last 8 years we have learned the tricks of the trade and how to efficiently fulfil, pack and ship the orders to meet the timelines while bringing the operations at par with the Amazon and eBay standards.

About the Warehousing Facility

We developed our warehouse facility near the biggest and busiest container port, Felixstowe port in the UK for convenient order management and consolidation of all couriers in one place for easy shipping. The biggest airports are also just a few hours away from our facility which helps us ship your orders quickly and timely.

We can deliver parcels big or small to any part of the world and bring you happy and satisfied customers and our competitive prices can help you earn suitable profits.

About Our Staff

We have a team of experienced managers, packers, shipment staff, and contracts with courier companies which helps us pack and ship thousands of parcels successfully. We aim to grow our facility and services to extend maximum support to our clients from around the globe.

About Our Services

We are a UK eBay fulfilment and Amazon FBA Prep Centre all set to prepare your FBA shipping or provide fulfilment services for your eBay, Amazon sales, or your own online shops. We can

  • We receive and manage your inventory
  • Deliver your parcels quickly
  • We offer competitive prices

We help you earn profits by providing the best prices for FBA Prep Services in the UK.




How it works?



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All products deliver straight to our warehouse, track process of your products inspection, labelling, shipping. Receive support on every step.



Our easy pricing give you good opportunity to calculate your full profit and earn money on Amazon. Start to grow your business with us today!

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