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Turkiye FBA Prep Center: Your Complete Solution for Amazon FBA and Beyond

Experience the power of Turkiye FBA Prep - your gateway to seamless e-commerce trading across multiple platforms. Our expert team specializes in Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) services, ensuring your shipments meet Amazon's rigorous standards from inspection to labelling and packing. But our reach extends far beyond Amazon and eBay, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to various online trading sites.

Join Turkiye FBA Prep Center today and elevate your e-commerce game.

Our service highlights are:

Quality services in EU and Türkiye

Effortless account setup and management,

Tracking facility of each order

Multiple sites and countries



FBA Preparation Service


We offer arbitrage FBA prep, packing prep, private label prep, barcode prep and returns management to match the Amazon and eBay standards.

Here is the complete pricing for various sizes and volumes of parcels to help you calculate your profits easily.


Sign up, and get your address for suppliers for your Amazon FBA prep --- FREE
Standart unit prep - (receive, inspect, FNSKU, pack) 1 unit 0.70 $ + VAT
Small and light prep - (receive, inspect, FNSKU, pack) 1 unit 0.50 $ + VAT
Large and oversize prep - (receive, inspect, FNSKU, pack) 1 unit 1.20 $ + VAT
Bundles prep - (receive, inspect, FNSKU, pack up to 3 pcs) 1 unit 0.85 $ + VAT
New FBA master box - with max allowed size 1 set 3.50 $ + VAT

For big volumes 5000 units and more we have a special discounts. Contact us for more details.



FBA Removals

We receive removals from AMZ warehouse, count quantity, check and inspect the items, relabel and ship back to FBA or dispose the items if required
Please note, all prices exclude VAT. Current Spain VAT Rate - 20%

FBA removals - (receive, count, inspect) 1 unit 0.50 $ + VAT
Removal units Disposal 1 unit 1.00 $ + VAT




If you required long storage space, we are happy to offer pallets storage, boxes storage space for your products.

Storage* Fee monthly - 1 CBM 1 month 11.00 $ + VAT

Minimum storage fees 1 Week (2.54 $ + VAT per 1 CBM)



Pallets, Boxes Forwarding prices (no Prep Required)


Pallet Forwarding  (unloading, loading) no prep required per pallet  9.00 $ + VAT

Box Forwarding only (no prep required)

1 box 3.50 $ + VAT

Containers unloading / loading - loose boxes 40 FT

1 unit 310.00 $ + VAT
Containers unloading / loading - loose boxes 20 FT

1 unit

220.00 $ + VAT
Palletization (Pallet, wrap, main labels, handling) 1 pallet 23.00 $ + VAT
Box labels for palletization 1 box 0.25 $ + VAT
Pallet unloading (in-house handling) 1 pallet 4.50 $ + VAT

Prices for standard size items, for oversized or bulky items please contact us


How it works?



Start your selling journey with us. Open your account, get your address in our warehouse, deliver your goods and make a profit on selling on Amazon or another platform



All your goods will be delivered straight to our warehouse where you can track the process from the beginning: inspection, labelling, packaging, shipping and more. Everything is in one place.



Our pricing model is specifically designed to cater to the needs of small to medium businesses. We understand the limitations of a growing business and how eagerly they are trying to make it a success!


Services in other countries


FBA Prep Center Germany

EU Customs clearance,
FBA Preparation, Storage,
Orders Fulfilment

FBA Prep Center UK
United Kingdom

UK FBA Preparation,
Orders Fulfilment

FBA Prep Center Poland

FBA Preparation,
Orders Fulfilment

FBA Prep Center France

FBA Preparation,
Orders Fulfilment

FBA Prep Center Italy

FBA Preparation,
Orders Fulfilment

FBA Prep Center Spain

FBA Preparation,
Orders Fulfilment

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