Frequently Asked Questions

Here we tried to answer the most popular questions - online service for Amazon FBA sellers who required the full cycle of the FBA Prep or Ebay and other Marketplaces sellers who looking for reliable fulfilment service in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Poland or France.

It is as easy as it can be. Please press the Sign Up button and create your account with your email or social network absolutely free. No bank details or personal information required. We do not process any payments before you start to use our service.

Customer number or ID is a unique number for every customer and you can find it next to your avatar and in your virtual address. Please use it every time for purchasing. Orders without this number will be stored in our warehouse. If you missed your customer ID and your order is missing, please ask our support and provide full order details, tracking number, reference number, and all details to help us identify your order without a customer ID.

Yes, we sure do. We can also carry out any preparation required for your bundles.

Yes, we do. As soon as the returns reach our warehouse, we update your account with the number of items and the condition in which they were received. It will be upon your discretion to decide what to do with them and notify us.

Yes. We have the capacity at our warehouse. We can accept your pallets and process them as required.
If you would like to send us only a few pallets it is not a problem, if there are more than 10 pallets in one go, please let us know before, and we will find space for you. For containers delivery and unloading please contact us before.

No, we do not. You pay the customs and any payments you have on your shipment before it reaches us.

We abide by the privacy and confidentiality clauses. We will never share your personal data that we collect from you, or you provide to us and will be processed by us only. We do NOT share any personal information or any other information about the products or any data with third parties. All employees have a confidentiality agreement and cannot share any information. Also, you can sign and send us a form Non-Disclosure Agreement, please print sing and email it to us, we will sing it from our side.

Please schedule all your deliveries between our open times from 08:00 till 17:00 during the weekdays.

If there is an important delivery on a weekend please let us know before time, and we will manage it for you if possible.

Our contact page

You can send it straight in from the wholesaler or supplier. We need to identify your goods when they arrive. Please make sure you write on the address line - your reference number (unique ID number) for identification.

Prepare your FBA file for shipping to Amazon, upload or enter manual details of your goods, and add a tracking number. As soon as we get your products we will start with our job.

When your goods arrive at our warehouse, they will be inspected, labelled, and ready for shipments to Amazon, you can track every step from your account and manage your shipments.

It usually takes between 24 - 48 hours, but it depends on the volume of order and the season.

We would be happy to answer any question you have
Please send Email:
Office phone: +441473561006
WhatsApp: +447435805614 

None. We are here to support your business operations be it a single item or a 100 items parcel.

If we do not receive your goods you will be notified after the time for delivery.

When goods arrive at our warehouse they are visually inspected for any damages. If anything is damaged, we take photos and talk to you sharing exactly what has happened. We will be in private communication with you all the time.

We cooperate with large and top delivery companies like: DPD (UK and EU), UPS (UK and EU), Hermes (UK), Royal Mail (UK), DHL (EU), GLS (EU), DX Express (UK), BRT (EU)​​​​​​​, Fedex (EU)​​​​​​​.

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