UK Ebay fulfilment

UK Ebay Orders Fulfilment

The FBA Prep specializes in the prep and shipping of products around the world. Our UK Ebay fulfilment services cater to the online stores on eBay who are on the lookout for experienced logistics and warehousing services.

We also extend the labelling, packing, barcode matching, and delivery of goods according to the standards of eBay.

Our team receives the orders and take care of all the packaging and delivery requirements. Our prices are competitive, affordable, and best suited for various sizes of orders up to 20 kg. We try our best to support small businesses and startups. For any special parcels exceeding our limit, please talk to our customer support. We will use the best of our resources to fulfil your needs as much as we can.

Quality services

Free storage

Easy setup and management of the account

Tracking facility

Meets the eBay fulfilment standards


Fulfilment prices (Pick and Pack)

 Packing requirements differ with the nature of parcels. Our packing team chooses the most suitable packing materials to preserve the integrity of the items you order according to the standard of the courier companies.

For any additional instructions or requirements about packaging please contact our Support Centre.


Packing material prices Include 1 item Include 2 items Include 3 items
Large Letter (30 x 22 x 2.5 cm) £0.58 (£0.70 Inc. VAT) £0.70 (£0.84 Inc. VAT) £0.82 (£0.98 Inc. VAT)
Small parcel (45 x 35 x 15 cm) £0.87 (£0.72 Inc. VAT) £1.09 (£1.31 Inc. VAT) £1.31 (£1.57 Inc. VAT)
Medium Parcel  (60 x 40 x 40 cm) £1.59 (£1.91 Inc. VAT) £1.81 (£2.17 Inc. VAT) £2.03 (£2.44 Inc. VAT)
Large Parcel (75 x 48 x 48 cm) £3.60 (£4.32 Inc. VAT) £3.89 (£4.67 Inc. VAT) £4.18 (£5.02 Inc. VAT)

* Size of packaging can vary and it is maximum dimensions


For complete delivery prices please visit our Price List

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