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https://thefbaprep.com - online service for Amazon FBA sellers who required the full cycle of the FBA Prep or Ebay and other Marketplaces sellers who looking for reliable fulfilment service in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Poland or France.

Easy, Peasy. Press Sign Up button and create your account with your email or social network. It just takes few minutes and after you can start using your account. Registration is absolutely free and you don't need any bank or card details to register, we do not process any payments before you start use service.

Customer ID number

For FBM orders Amazon now changed the way of connection, please send us a request to help@thefbaprep.com, we are required to make a Zoom meeting for 15 minutes to connect your account, after connection we will start getting orders information and we can ship your products. 

Yes, of course, you can. It's quite simple and takes only a few steps. Make sure you will link your Ebay account before you send items to our warehouse and fill stock files to avoid any delays with orders shipping.

Our system is integrated with Ebay sales and you have to connect your account first to see sold items and let us know we have to fulfil it. That procedure is very simple:

Step 1

Login to your account and on right top corner click my profile

Step 2

On the left menu click on sales channels

Step 3

Add your Ebay account name, and choose Ebay from the menu

Step 4

Auth information add your password and press connect.

Step 5

If the connection is successful you will see a message and status pending, we will approve the connection from our side and you will get an email about your connection.

To unlink your account or change it please follow your profile and there is a button Unlink.

To connect your Etsy shop all you need to do is just follow these steps and it will be up and running in minutes. 

Step 1
Log in to your TheFbaPrep account, click on the left side menu Sales Channels

Step 2
Add your Account name or store name of Etsy shop and choose Sales channel: ETSY

Step 3
Click Authorise Etsy account and approve your connection (Install App)

Step 4
If connection is successful you will get the message and in sales channels you will see your shop.

It's really simple to connect your Shopify store to our system just follow these few steps and it will be connected in a minute. 


Step 1
Log in to your TheFbaPrep account, click on the left side menu Sales Channels

Step 2
Add your store name XXXXXXX.myshopify.com

Step 3
Click Authorise Shopify account and approve your connection (Install App)

Step 4
If a connection is successful you will get the message and in sales channels, you will see your shop.

Yes sure. We can accept any multipacks and will carry out any preparation that is required for your goods.

Yes, we accept returns. As soon returns will reach our warehouse, we will reflect it at your account, how many and in wich condition it is come. Only you will  decide what to do next with that returns and notify us.

Yes. We have the capacity at our warehouse. We can accept your pallets and process them as required.
If you would like to send us only a few pallets it is not a problem, if there are more than 10 pallets in one go, please let us know before, and we will find space for you. For containers delivery and unloading please contact us before.

No, we do not. You pay the customs and any payments you have on your shipment before it reaches us.

We abide by the privacy and confidentiality clauses. We will never share your personal data that we collect from you, or you provide to us and will be processed by us only. We do NOT share any personal information or any other information about the products or any data with third parties. All employees have a confidentiality agreement and cannot share any information. Also, you can sign and send us a form Non-Disclosure Agreement, please print sing and email it to us, we will sing it from our side.

Please schedule all your deliveries the best you can between our open times from 08:00 till 17:00 during the weekdays.

If there is some important delivery on a weekend please let us know before, and we will manage it for you if possible.

Our contact page https://thefbaprep.com/contact

You can send it straight in from wholesaler or supplier. We need to be able to identify your goods when it arrives, make sure you write on one of the address line your reference number (ID unique number).

It's easy and simple. Preper your FBA file for shipping to Amazon, upload or enter manual details of your goods what you expected arrive at warehouse and add a track number.

When your goods arrive at our warehouse, they will be inspected, labeled, and ready for shipments to Amazon, you can track every step from your account and manage your shipments. On average it takes between 24-48 hours to process all inbound goods, but it depends on the volume of orders and the season.

Usually it will take between 24 - 48 hours, but it depends on volumes and season.

We would be happy to answer any question you have
Please send Email: help@thefbaprep.com

No, not at all. We are here to help and support your business and no matter you have 10 items or hundreds, we help to grow your business.

If the goods have not arrived, you will be notified after a period of time for delivery that your goods are still not at warehouse.

When goods arrives at warehouse it is visually inspected to sure they are not damaged. If anything is not right, we take photos and talk to you sharing exactly what has happened. We will be in private communication with you all the time.

We cooperate with large and top delivery companies as: DPD, UPS, HermesParcelforce also with Royal Mail.

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